Who are we?

Fireside Gatherings

Fireside Gatherings is a volunteer organisation founded by Hearthstone players. We organise live Hearthstone tournaments throughout the Netherlands. This varies from local gatherings to Tavern Hero Qualifiers and The Playoffs for the World Championships. We have a group of volunteers working with us and helping us. Below you can see some of the faces of Fireside Gatherings. We want to thank all of our volunteers and the community.
Without them we wouldn’t be able to have done this.

If you’re interested to help out or organize your own Fireside Gatherings, send an e-mail to contact@firesidegatherings.nl.

Nickname: Partyboy
Name: Thomas Runhart
Year of birth: 1984
Function: Tournament Director

“In everyday life I’m an Assistent Air Traffic Controller at Schiphol, married to Irma, have a daughter named Evi, a son named Cas and a crazy dog named Charlie. I’m a ski and snowboard addict and brew my own beer.
I started playing Hearthstone in the beta and was immediately hooked. Unfortunately there weren’t any live tournaments in the Netherlands, so we decided to host one ourselves. This was the start of Fireside Gatherings which is now the leading Hearthstone organizer in the Netherlands. I have reached the legend rank two times and won six Fireside Gathering tournaments. My goal is to make e-sports popular in the Netherlands and have a big event in a stadium one day. But most importantly all events must be a ton of fun!”


Nickname: Loempia
Name: Thomas van den Bogaard
Year of birth: 1996

“I started playing Hearthstone in 2015. Ever since, I make a lot of misplays. However, I really like the game and the community. One day, I went to a Fireside Gathering in my village and I almost won it. But I realised it’s not about winning, it’s about the fun and the people.
Because I have experience in video-editing and livestreaming, I joined the Fireside Gatherings team. I keep our YouTube Channel up and running, I make the aftermovies of all the big gatherings and compilations of streams and other moments. I am studying Communication at HSLeiden.”


Nickname: A4papier
Name: Francois van der Vloet
Year of birth: 1995

“I started Hearthstone just after Naxx came out and played a lot of it ever since, playing tournaments and live streaming is what I love about Hearthstone the most. I used to play for LowLandLions and now I’m a member of Emperor. My twitter: https://twitter.com/a4papier_gaming. I organise gatherings for FSG in Tilburg. Outside of Hearthstone I study Media Design.”

Nickname: renzoboy
Name: Renzo Colonna
Year of birth: 2000

“I started playing Hearthstone right after the release. After that I stopped playing for a long time, I don’t know why. Last July I started playing again. I am not that good a player, though :P. I am part of the Fireside Gatherings crew since June 2, 2016. I wanted this for a very long time and I was so happy when I was approached. Now I am the administrator of our Twitch channel, for which I’m going to commit myself. The things I like most about Fireside Gatherings and the whole Hearthstone community is that everybody is really nice to each other and you are welcomed with open arms.”

Nickname: Arctomian
Name: Daniel de Groot
Year of birth: 1983

“I am a old school veteran. I started playing old school games like Diablo 1 and 2 and right after that Warcraft the game. For World of Warcraft I waited with playing until the release of “the burning crusade”, since I was more console interested at that period again. After some time in The World of Azaroth I ventured in all 3 new games, Diablo 3, Starcraft and Heroes of the storm. By that time, I was already grinding packs in Hearthstone since I got myself the closed beta. Grafical Designer is my background and now I do Full Stack Development/Programming. It comes as no surprise that I do the designs within Fireside Gatherings. I am also one of the persons organising the location Zwolle for Fireside Gatherings, overlooking the north of the country.”


Nickname: Tungdil
Name: Jordi Broeders
Year of birth: 1990

“I got into Hearthstone through a closed Beta invitation. I played Yu-Gi-Oh! before and always enjoyed it, so I gave Hearthstone a try and now I absolutely love it. I played a lot during the early days of Hearthstone. Now I mainly focus on the Fireside Gatherings and building fun/weird decks and make them work in tournament settings. My favorite deck is millrogue. Within the fireside team I’ll mainly focus on the online tournaments and I’ll help to setup the Fireside Gatherings in any way I can. Beside gaming my hobby’s are baseball, cycling and fitness.”


Nickname: Spicyflames
Name: Avinash Timal
Year of birth: 1987

“I started gaming on my Sega 32 bits :), went over every console from PS to GameCube and ended up at pc games. I Played HS since early Beta. I’ve been always into card games. I’ve played everything from Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and was superhappy to see a new cardgame! I played and had my own WoW guild for 12 years, clearing mythic content and played every blizzard game. So it’s great to see all the characters back in Hearthstone. In my own way I have a passion for streaming and entertaining. Through some good friends that knew about the Fireside Gatherings I ended up there and enjoyed it so much that I’ve been going ever since. From there I took a shot at casting tournaments for FSG and been doing that and hopefully will continue bringing coverage and entertainment going onwards for everyone!”

If you’re interested to help out or organize your own Fireside Gatherings, send an e-mail to contact@firesidegatherings.nl.