Fireside Gatherings in the Media

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Arctomian on Laidnight Radio about Hearthstone and Zwolle (forward to 17:30 min) about plans for the E-sports Game Arena


Little piano concert with gaming music during the OSOH Finals

Weblogzwolle about our gathering in Het Vliegende Paard

De Swollenaer about our upcoming events in Zwolle

alphensnl about the Last Call Europe in Theatre Castellum in Alpen aan den Rijn!


Partyboy on Radio 538!


Last Call Invitational Europe will be held in Theatre Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn!


Interview Monkeloid by VICE about the Dutch Championship Hearthstone

Radio Interview by Partyboy about Hearthstone and the Dutch Championship


Partyboy’s Interview at Inside E-Sports June 2016

Interview in Life After Poker on Poker about Partyboy’s Poker Past


Dutch Comic Con Fireside Gatherings Movie

Hearthstone at Dutch Comic Con 2016