Open NK Hearthstone – Last Call Update!

15-02-2017 partyboy

Fireside Gatherings is proud to announce the Dutch Championship (NK) Hearthstone 2017. De grand final will take place in September 2017. It will also feature 8 Tavern Hero Qualifier spots for the official Hearthstone Championship Tour with a prize pool of €2.000.000. Every tournament will be streamed live at Join to chat.

The next few months there will be 8 qualifiers where you can earn points. The top 15 will be invited to the grand final along with the winner of the Last Call just before the event. Everybody can enter, also players from other countries. Just bring your own device like a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with Hearthstone installed and you are ready to go.

July 24: Last call online qualifier 1: Battefy register 1

July 31: Last call online qualifier 2: Battlefy register 2

August 7: Last call play-off

March 12: Café Theseus, Tilburg
March 19: Het Vliegende Paard, Zwolle
April 2: The Games Guild, Alphen aan den Rijn
April 8: Café Theseus, Tilburg
April 23: Het Vliegende Paard, Zwolle
June 4: The Games Guild, Alphen aan den Rijn
June 10: Café Theseus, Tilburg
June 18: Het Vliegende Paard, Zwolle

All tournaments will feature a Swiss bracket of 4 rounds, best of 5 with 1 ban. Thereafter top 8 will advance to single elimination. Conquest format and standard decks will be used. Any kind of decktracker is not allowed, only pen and paper. You have to bring 4 decks with you with no other decks in your collection (or make sure your other decks have a red cross by only having 29 or fewer cards in those decks so they can’t be used). There will be enough power supply and fast wifi!

Points and tournament standings

1. The winner gets the THQ-win and 10 points in the Dutch Championship.
2. Second place gets 8 points.
3. Losing semi-finalists (3rd and 4th place) get 6 points.
4. Losing quarter-finalists get 4 points.
5. Best of the rest swiss bracket gets 2 points.
6. Everyone else gets 1 point.

The top two players, 1th and 2nd will play the final for the THQ and 10 NK points. The third and fourth place are the losing semi-finalists and will get 6 points. The rest will probably be shared places. These players will play their last match for a better placement. If players get the same end score, they will get the same NK points.

You can watch the tournament standings here:

Tournament Standings

If you want to participate, you can get a ticket in our store: Every tournament has a limited amount of players who can enter.
You can join our free tournaments at the events to enjoy Hearthstone and have a drink with friends. Check it now.

The Dutch Championship Hearthstone is powered by OGD ICT diensten, Café Theseus, Buro Ruis and The Games Guild.


  • partyboy | March 15, 2017 | 8:30 pm

    We zullen een aantal dingen aanpassen om het duidelijker te maken.

  • rawchains | May 21, 2017 | 5:46 pm

    Klopt het dat de free tickets er niet zijn of al uitverkocht zijn?

    • partyboy | May 25, 2017 | 11:20 am

      Hey Rawchains,

      De eerste edities waren gratis. Komende 3 edities zijn 5 euro. Maar we hebben nu wel een prijzenpot van 120 euro aan cash en goodies!

  • 310595wadim5l | March 6, 2019 | 3:35 am

    It’s out of the question.

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