OSOH Player Highlight: EasyPeasy!

01-12-2016 Homie

The Pre-OSOH Championship Interview!

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 the Open Series of Hearthstone Final will take place in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, during the Dutchrank E-sports Championships! Sixteen participants have qualified themselves for this big event by finishing high or winning at OSOH tournaments that have been organised for an extended period of time. To be qualified for this means these players have proven themselves very good in Hearthstone. Because we want to let you know more about them, we have interviewed all the participants!




The last person we would like to introduce to you is EasyPeasy. His name is Sjors and he is 21 years old. He lives in Rotterdam and studies Law and Economics at the Erasmus University. Sjors is much into his studies which costs him a lot of time. Next to studying he likes to take a good amount of time to spend with family, friends and his girlfriend. Another hobby where he is a bit active is politics. “High level gaming would definitely be low on the list of hobbies and things I find important.”. Any time he has left after study, his social life and other interests, he likes to spend on gaming from time to time. “Apparently some talent for card games (and luck) has brought me to the finals of this cool tournament.”.

Sjors has no experience with card games other than Hearthstone, except for some poker. He used to play popular games like COD, Elder Scrolls and Age of Empires. Now he likes to play Counter Strike and Hearthstone. “It’s a little random.”. There are some players of whom Sjors likes to watch videos and streams. Mostly this has been from Strifecro and Thijs. “Thijs because he’s our nations pride in this game. Strifecro because he’s a great character and makes very high quality videos where he explains his moves very well.”.

In the month before the OSOH Final upcoming Saturday, Sjors hasn’t had much time to play and prepare. He tries to focus on making a solid and fun line-up with decks that he likes and practice that line-up a couple of times with his teammate Theo. Sjors thinks his quality and the thing that has brought him here is his good ability in analysing and deciding in game situations with relatively little practice or pre-existing knowledge. “I’m not one of those players that have seen all situations and already know what to do in certain cases. I like to analyse every situation independently and reason my way to making a certain move.”. His biggest weak point is implicit to his strong point, which is the fact that he has little practice or pre-existing knowledge. He never uses decktrackers or other tools. “I’ll take a fun deck over a slightly better performing deck any day. I think enjoying the game is by far the most important thing, since only extremely few are lucky enough to make a living out of the game.”.

Of course, in this last interview our final question once again was what advice would be given to beginning Hearthstone players at this point. “Don’t prioritize Hearthstone over almost anything. Education/work, friends and family first. The time you do spent on Hearthstone, try to do it all just for fun. There is no point in playing it so seriously to reach a higher level when you aren’t enjoying it.“.

We want to thank Sjors for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best of luck at the Open Series of Hearthstone Final! Everybody who wants to watch EasyPeasy in action should come to our Open Series of Hearthstone Final at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships on December 3rd in Alphen aan den Rijn! For more information and tickets check out: Our Event on Facebook. You can buy your tickets at the Dutchrank Store.

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