OSOH Player Highlight: Liveon!

28-11-2016 Homie

The Pre-OSOH Championship Interview!

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 the Open Series of Hearthstone Final will take place in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, during the Dutchrank E-sports Championships! For this big event sixteen participants have qualified themselves by finishing high or winning at OSOH tournaments that have been organised for an extended period of time. Here we want to let you know more about all the participants!


The fourteenth person we would like to introduce to you is Liveon. His name is Maarten Jan, he is 25 years old and he plays for team EC Visualize. He is studying Communication & Marketing and is aiming to get a job within e-sports. He hopes that this study can make that probability larger. Currently he is managing the Hearthstone team of ECV and he is also a StarCraft admin for different e-sport events like WESG and formerly the DSCL. “I don’t do much besides studying and e-sports, but I might go into politics someday to finally make this country great again Kappa.”.

Maarten Jan has been in the competitive scene since the release of Hearthstone. It is the first game he has been playing competitively, but he has been following e-sports and StarCraft2 in particular since 2010. When Blizzard announced closed beta for Hearthstone he got a key and tried it, he has been addicted ever since. “The fun part about Hearthstone is that you don’t need mechanics, you just need to think. This is an advantage for me because I suck at mechanical stuff.” One of Maarten Jan’s favourite players is Tyler. “He is a very strong player who is always at the top of the legend ladder. He does not perform great in tournaments, but that will come since I know he’s one of the world’s top Hearthstone players. His strength is that he plays the strongest decks regardless of whether he likes them or not and he plays them well. I think he feels kinda the same about the game as I do; it’s not having fun through playing the game, it’s having fun through winning.”.

To prepare himself for the OSOH tournament Maarten Jan will watch the major tournaments to find out what the best techs are to counter specific line-ups. Besides that, he will play lots of ladder to make sure he knows every variation of every deck and thus how to play them. “There’re two strategies in conquest: 1. Play the best decks in general and hope you will get a win with all of them. 2. Try to counter a specific deck played by your opponent and hope he doesn’t win with it anyway. I’m not sure yet which one of those is the better strategy, but will hopefully find out next week.”. Maarten Jan’s strong points are that he very rarely tilts and he has lots of experience. “As long as I recognize my opponent’s deck I know what outs to play to and how to get there.”. His weaker points are that he is better at aggro than playing control decks, but he is working on that currently. He thinks his chances of getting out of group stage are 60%. “To be honest I think Archenemy is the favourite in the group, Monkeloid has moments of brilliance and moments where nothing works and Sparta is pretty good overall. I didn’t get the hardest group, but it’s not easy either.”.

In the far future Maarten Jan hopes to have a job in e-sports, either through a venture of his own or working for a larger company. He won’t be doing the same job for a long time, but he hopes he changes jobs internally a lot. He thinks his dream job probably would be becoming a general advisor within an e-sports company on marketing/communication. His advice for beginning Hearthstone players: “Never blame your lack of card collection or bad rng when playing. If you are good enough you can get a 50+% winrate with pretty bad decks. Don’t be salty and try to enjoy the game, don’t force yourself to play if you don’t like it ;)”.

We want to thank Maarten Jan for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best of luck at the Open Series of Hearthstone Final! Everybody who wants to watch Liveon in action should come to our Open Series of Hearthstone Final at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships on December 3rd in Alphen aan den Rijn! For more information and tickets check out: Our Event on Facebook. You can buy your tickets at the Dutchrank Store.


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