OSOH Player Highlight: MessyOD!

20-11-2016 Homie

The Pre-OSOH Championship Interview!

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 the Open Series of Hearthstone Final will take place in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, during the Dutchrank E-sports Championships! For this big event sixteen participants have qualified themselves by finishing high or winning at OSOH tournaments that have been organised for an extended period of time. Here we want to let you know more about all the participants!

The tenth person we would like to introduce to you is MessyOD. His name is Dirk, he is 31 years old and living in Venlo. He works as a physiotherapist and has several hobby’s like fitness, Hearthstone, streaming and is active on twitter. He has a few favorite Hearthstone players. Tbird, also known as Henk, because Dirk thinks Henk is very fun to hang out with and sometimes they stream together. Theo, the first time Dirk met him he thought Theo was the best player he’d ever seen and Theo helped him a lot to get into the Hearthstone Europe Summer Preliminary. And last but not least LuLu. “Lulu. He is the only player who has a stylist, a lot of groupies and is like Justin Bieber to me… just trrrolling, haha”.

In the past Dirk went to the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix of Londen at the age of 17 and he played at the Hearthstone Europe Summer Preliminary this year. He has played cards his entire life like Magic, Poker, Toepen, Hearthstone, Rikken and more. He learned about Hearthstone because a friend of him introduced it to him. The first time he played he tried some laddering and got to rank 5. Then it was TricepsSurae who gave him the final push to play competitively. Since then Dirk has won four firesides, two times in Amsterdam and two times in Utrecht, and became the Summer Tavern Hero in Hilversum which qualified him for the Summer Preliminary. He thinks his history of poker and Magic the Gathering has helped him a lot to compete on this level.




For the Open Series of Hearthstone Final Dirk will prepare himself by being in good physical condition and by training his brain in multiple ways. “My line-up will be excellent as always and I will play a lot of arenas to keep my brain creative if something unusual happens in the tournament.” He realises the competition is going to be though. He is pooled with A4Papier, Theo and Wermachto. “I know A4papier and Theo their critical weaknesses. I hope I can get an edge over them but that is going to be extremely difficult. I do not know Wermachto but I saw him winning the Last Call qualifier in a unique way I really like.”

As advice for beginning Hearthstone players Dirk says the following. “First of all: enjoy the game! Second: question yourself what you want to achieve and ask a lot to other players. Playing on ladder with one deck can be misleading because in a tournament you need to master four!”

We want to thank Dirk for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best of luck at the Open Series of Hearthstone Final! Everybody who wants to watch MessyOD in action should come to our Open Series of Hearthstone Final at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships on December 3rd in Alphen aan den Rijn! For more information and tickets check out: Our Event on Facebook. You can buy your tickets at the Dutchrank Store.

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