OSOH Player Highlight: Tixuty!

19-11-2016 Homie

The Pre-OSOH Championship Interview!

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 the Open Series of Hearthstone Final will take place in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, during the Dutchrank E-sports Championships! For this event sixteen participants have qualified themselves by finishing high or winning at OSOH tournaments that have been organised. To let you know more about all the sixteen players, you can read about them here!




The ninth person we’d like to introduce to you is Tixuty. His name is Julien, he is 22 years old and he is a professional Hearthstone player for team Begenius. He lives in Rennes in Brittany, which is in the North West of France. Next to playing video games, he really likes to play sports like table tennis or rugby. “I’m a competitor, I play for the win over everything in every game or sports.”.

Julien started playing Hearthstone because he was a player in the World of Warcraft game, also developed by Blizzard. He said it didn’t help him at all to become a better Hearthstone player. That doesn’t really matter though, because he obviously still is. Julien is also going to DreamHack Winter, which is one week before the tournament and this is not in the same format as our Open Series of Hearthstone Final. So he will have a short period to prepare for it. Probably every player has strong and weak points, we asked Julien about his and the answer promises a lot. “I always play for the victory at all cost, that’s my strong point. My weakness is maybe that I don’t really like slow decks so it can be a problem sometimes. I won’t lie, I come to win the tournament.”.

Long-term plans are not really Julien’s thing. “I don’t project myself further than one year in the future.“. The player who sets an example for Julien is Hoej, because in Julien’s opinion Hoej always brings the best decks of the meta and manages to play it almost perfectly. For beginning Hearthstone players Julien advices to look at professional players streams or to tournament streams to progress a lot faster.

We want to thank Julien for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best of luck at the Open Series of Hearthstone Final! Everybody who wants to watch Tixuty in action should come to our Open Series of Hearthstone Final at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships on December 3rd in Alphen aan den Rijn! For more information and tickets check out: Our Event on Facebook. You can buy your tickets at the Dutchrank Store.

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