OSOH Player Highlight: WaQu!

23-11-2016 Homie

The Pre-OSOH Championship Interview!

Saturday December the 3rd, 2016 the Open Series of Hearthstone Final will take place in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, during the Dutchrank E-sports Championships! For this big event sixteen participants have qualified themselves by finishing high or winning at OSOH tournaments that have been organised for an extended period of time. Here we want to let you know more about all the participants!


The twelfth person we would like to introduce to you is WaQu. His name is Wouter. He is 31 years old and lives in Utrecht, which he believes is the coolest city of the Netherlands. He works at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where he teaches statistics and works on his PhD research. His PhD research is about how family members from different generations support each other, emotionally, financially and practically. For example, grandparents who are babysitting their grandchildren or adults who are taking care of their elderly parents. Part of the study is whether these support relations between generations differ between European countries and to what extend this is a result of differences in national policies.

Wouter started to play Hearthstone as a fun iPad game. He thinks he played arena for over a year, because he tried to keep the game free to play. After a year he started to play ranked more and more and after he reached legend for the first time he wanted to play more tournaments. That was the moment when he went to a fireside gathering for the first time. His gaming background contains mostly Nintendo games. His love for gaming started with the NES and he played a lot on the N64 and Game Cube. “I even won a few local Mario Kart tournaments. Unfortunately competitive gaming back then was not as big as it is today.”.

In Wouter’s opinion there is not much room left for innovation in the current Meta. “It is pretty much settled and there is a wide spread consensus which decks are considered to be the best decks. So, the emphasis will be on playing the most common match ups as flawless as possible. I hope to achieve that by playing the decks as much as possible and practice with my Emperor team mates and other high level Hearthstone players.”. Furthermore he thinks his chances at the tournament are quite good. He qualified as third for it and he already won a few local firesides where other qualified players played as well. “But the field is strong and there are a lot of player there who could win the tournament. I think one of my qualities is that I can stay focussed even after playing a couple of rounds. Many players underestimate the fatigue element of playing a tournament. My weak point is that I might not always bring the decks that are considered strong by most players, but that is also a fun element.”

Lifecoach is Wouter’s favourite Hearthstone player. “I just love the way he approaches the game. He has a very objective way of reviewing cards. Whenever a new set of cards is released I always watch his reviews and his predictions are almost always correct. Also I think I learned the most from watching his stream. The way he discusses all the possible options before he makes a play really helped me to understand why a certain play is the best play.”.

The future is completely open for Wouter. Maybe he would be able to win a major tournament at some point or maybe he will go in to politics or work for the government in another way. “I think it is important that you do what you enjoy, so it really depends what motivates me in the future.” For beginning Hearthstone players it also depends on what their goal is for what Wouter would advise them. “I would advise them just to have fun with the game and play decks they like. It’s really not worth it to only play the strongest decks if you don’t enjoy the games while playing. If you want to become a better player it is always good to watch ranked players stream their games. Especially if they explain their plays every turn.”.

We want to thank Wouter for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best of luck at the Open Series of Hearthstone Final! Everybody who wants to watch WaQu in action should come to our Open Series of Hearthstone Final at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships on December 3rd in Alphen aan den Rijn! For more information and tickets check out: Our Event on Facebook. You can buy your tickets at the Dutchrank Store.

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